WeWork is a international company that provides small businesses co-working space to grow their vision in a comfortable, sleek and creative environment. To call WeWork a real estate company, would be shortchanging their vision. WeWork is about providing a platform for creative and business minds alike to come together to make a life, not just a living. When Grit was offered the opportunity to work with WeWork as part of their curating team, it was obvious that our goals and objectives as businesses aligned.

Downtown Los Angeles — Murals

WeWork Downtown LA is located in the fine arts building in the heart of the downtown area in Los Angeles, California. Grit Collective called upon creatives Allison Kunath and The Couto Bros. to create a flowing, cohesive piece amongst multiple rooms on the 12th floor that highlights the collaborative process. 

The entire mural project for WeWork was not only an act of collaboration - but a work of art about collaboration. Given the nature of the space, we wanted to create something that illustrates the magic that can only be created when people come together. Our design started with the hands (rendered by Allison Kunath) and the shapes in between (rendered by The Couto Bros) to represent the act of collaboration. The shapes become the creation, and like an idea too powerful to be contained, they spill into the rest of the space building a dream-like environment. We all took a slightly different approach with this project, which included more spontaneity, and intuitive decision making. We played off each others marks, and took it one step at a time, creating balance as we went. There’s something special about shared creative energy. We Can’t wait to see what other collaborations originate in the space.
Allison Kunath, Artist

Downtown Los Angeles — Canvas Prints

Grit Collective also featured artists Eddy Lee, Monco1929, Allison Kunath and KFiSH throughout the other three floors of WeWork co-working space. Curating each artist to fit the theme of the locale, existing design build out and branding of WeWork was a focus for this project, and the results were nothing short of spectacular. The canvas prints add a unique energy to the halls that allow WeWork clients to feel immersed in the culture of Los Angeles as they build their dreams.

Santa Monica, CA — 3rd Street Promenade

WeWork Promenade is a West Coast landmark WeWork office space located along the famous 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California. Grit Collective curated multiple murals through out the space, in both the common area as well as the communal shared desk space. GC Creatives KFiSH and Purveyor Works collaborated on a mixed media mural incorporating wood, paint and broken glass located in the common room; KFiSH designed and created the second mural utilizing his signature pattern and bright color palette.

Portland, OR (Coming Soon)

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