The Movember Foundation

The Movember Foundation is a global charity dedicated to raising awareness for mens health through the power of the mustache. Grit Collective was a proud partner of the Movember Foundation, helping raise awareness of the 2015 campaign by bringing in Grit Collective Creative and Mo Sista Allison Kunath. The objective was to create a unique representation of one of Movember's many causes, specifically one that resonated personally with Allison. The outcome, a stunning piece depicting the power of connection between one another.

One of the most important themes of my work, and my life, is connection. Vulnerable, potent, honest connection. The kind that is nourishing, healing, inspiring, motivating, energizing, and sometimes, even terrifying. There’s perhaps nothing more valuable in my life than these moments. As I watch the men in my life grow into even better versions of themselves, the ones that are actively sharpening their ability to connect are the ones that I see really thriving. We’ve all been conditioned to be “strong”, and maintain an appearance of having it all together. And surely, men feel this pressure doubly so. The negative side effects of repressed emotion and experience is measurable.The vision for this piece is that it speaks to the importance of being truly seen by another, and genuinely connecting in meaningful ways. It’s also a chance to bring in a female form as a nod to the Mo Sistas of the Movember Foundation.
Allison Kunath