Kit & Ace

Kit and Ace is a luxury apparel company that understands the importance of creating of culture around their brand. Kit and Ace tasked Grit Collective with curating an artist that would not only match their brand aesthetic, but to also create unique pieces that speak to the local culture around their new storefront at The Point in El Segundo. Grit Collective Creative, Brandon Spiegel, did just that with his custom fabricated tapestry and hand drawn pieces based on his recent series, Symmetries. Brandon was featured on their series, The Wall, which showcases beautiful art created in the city in which their store resides. Collaborating with brands like Kit and Ace that give artists a platform to brighten the world with their creativity is a core foundation of Grit Collective. Enabling artists to showcase their work in non traditional spaces provides perspective to the surrounding community that would normally not be exposed to it.