Jeff Weins — Painter

"Born and raised in California, Jeff Weins thrives on the abstract. With a knack for welding unconventional hues with vivid graphics, his work is an expression of the oddities and misfits in life." 

"Influenced by the fast-paced culture of LA, Jeff Weins' whimsical art mimics the vibrant, off-beat quirks of the city. A boisterous artist with an impish charm armed with a brush and paint palette. The result? A massive collision on canvas that creates a larger-than-life animation. Each canvas, meticulously crafted and one-of-a-kind, skillfully blurs and blends intense pigments to create a memorable and priceless product. For the eccentric, the disobedient, and the revolutionary, each work is a lively fit to satisfy every taste and palate." — Lei Dee Thomas (Surfing Magazine)