Cookie — Illustrator

Michael Cook, AKA Cookie, is a rising artist, illustrator and entrepreneur within the urban and street scene – an “Urban Dr. Seuss” for the twenty-first century. 

Born in Frankfurt, Germany and raised in a community just north of Los Angeles, Michael graduated in 2009 from San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and an emphasis in Painting and Printmaking. Throughout college, Cookie was drawn to the energy and beauty of urban and everyday life, as depicted in the illustrations of first-generation street artists like Banksy, MBW, Jef Aerosol and Justin Bua. After graduation, Cookie embarked upon an apprenticeship with the world-famous commercial artist, Justin Bua. Under the mentorship and teachings of Bua, Cookie has taken his artistic styling’s to a distinctively, energetic and new level. 

The name "Cookie" was bestowed on Michael at a very young age, due to his playful nature and energy he brought to any room.  For years the name followed Michael where- ever he went.  A couple years after he graduated college, Michael realized that the nickname was the perfect way to describe the energy of his work.  He slowly then began to sign "Cookie" to  drawings and paintings integrating his new artistic persona into the work.  

"The name "Cookie" represents the style of my work  and help's me stay focused on my overall vision of the art  I will produce through out my career."